Direct Sales Professionals understands each state has federal, state, and local laws regarding Lifeline wireless distribution.  They have the infrastructure and industry  understanding to provide 100% compliance and immediate success in any market.

In September 2014, Direct Sales Professionals began their California operations, followed by their initial field office in Bakersfield in December.  The California market brought new challenges that were quickly resolved by working closely with their ETC partner and CGM.  This collaboration identified and resolved issues, resulting in minimal downtime and increased productivity.

DSP has recently expanded into Oceanside and this regional office will manage all southern California operations.  This consistent geographic growth, along with increased warehouse space and over fifty agents in the field, strategically places DSP as a leader in California.  While working closely with their ETC and CGM, DSP has refined their order process and inventory controls.

This has resulted in greater efficiency and more than 10,000 activations each month in California.

Direct Service Professionals is one of the leading companies enrolling qualified customers in the Lifeline wireless program.  Over the past four years, Oklahoma has been one of the most visible and scrutinized states by the FCC and USAC.  This has led to all Lifeline companies undergoing strict government and state compliance, along with a heightened focus on eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

Out of these federal and state changes, DSP has become the most effective, legally compliant, and forward-thinking distributor in Oklahoma.  Their commitment to 100 percent accuracy, a continual training program, and their ability to effectively use different enrollment systems has propelled them to the best in the business.



Success after NLAD launch in February, 2014


Everyone in the wireless Lifeline industry immediately felt the impact of NLAD.  This system provided its own technical and compliance challenges.  To continue DSP’s path of success, their dedicated Emergency Response Team effectively and quickly identified system problems.  These were communicated each day to CGM and their ETC to quickly resolve issues.


Through open and transparent communication, detailed reporting of all issues, and with all parties working together, enrollments increased in a short amount of time.


Across The Country

Surpassing 10,000 activations each month in California.

In 2014, DSP had 100,000 Lifeline wireless activations across the country.


Rapid adoption of NLAD while minimizing its system challenges.

Able to seamlessly integrate new products into current product offerings.



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